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In a perfect world it snows every day, and thanks to SnowMagic you can create a perfect world anywhere in the world ... in any season. SnowMagic uses patented Infinite Crystals Snowmaking (ICS), a technology that makes snow to your specifications - for recreation, special effects, decoration - exactly when and where you need it. Even indoor snowmaking is possible, allowing venues to add snow attractions where one might least expect them.

Learn how SnowMagic can make your business dreams a reality, and overwhelm your audience with the magic of snow.

SnowMagic Is Wintertainment!
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SnowMagic is Wintertainment

SnowMagic has worked with event promoters, amusement and entertainment developers and recreation professionals all over the world, and we are eager to learn what we can do for you! We find inspiration in the creativity and commitment of our partners, and we deliver cost-effective, high impact snow solutions in every case - it's SnowMagic!

Off-season venues are obvious SnowMagic customers. Why? Because millions of Americans have no access to mountains, snow play, or snow sports.
  • SnowMagic makes snow accessible to the masses
  • SnowMagic is a true revenue producer
  • SnowMagic brings snow sports to the people
  • SnowMagic is temperature independent
  • SnowMagic provides indoor snowmaking in addition to outdoor snow
  • SnowMagic is natural, environmentally safe, and chemical-free.
Current SnowMagic News:

SnowMagic at Ober Gatlinburg

Ober-Gatlinburg is a top-notch ski resort where southerners visit for a best-of-both vacation: skiing and southern hospitality. This year, with SnowMagic, the tubing park has run continuously starting November 16th. Click on the image below to learn more and watch the video.

SnowMagic at Sea World San Diego

SnowMagic partners with LEGOLAND California

SnowMagic mobile unit
We now have 22 mobile units for rent: 40 ton, 50 ton, and 100 ton-per day snowmaking capacity! Discounts are available on the rental of multiple units. Call us at 888-371-9512 for more information.